Looking For A Job In A Competitive Market? Preparation Is Key

If you have a job that has left you using a payday loan advance to cover your monthly expenses, it could be time for a career change. However, the unemployment rate unexpectedly ticked higher in May, meaning it is not easy to find a new position. This is why it’s important to prepare for your job search to give yourself an edge over the competition.

According to a recent report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job growth slowed in May to create just 69,000 positions. This is a significant decline from the previous month when the economy added 115,000 jobs. As a result, the unemployment rate edged higher to 8.2 percent. However, one expert says this trend was not totally unexpected.

Rift In Age And Gender

There were notable difference in the unemployment rates based on age and gender. The agency indicated that last month, the unemployment rate for male adults was 7.8 percent. In contrast, female adults had an unemployment rate of 7.4 percent. Meanwhile, young adults had the hardest time finding work. Teens had a jobless rate of 24.6 percent.

This increase in unemployment has made the job market a much more competitive place. When seeking employment, one of the most important parts of the process is the job interview. If you’re lucky enough to sit down with an employer, there are a few things you should do to prepare, according to U.S. News and World Report.

Do Your Homework

Before you show up to a job interview, make sure you research the company. If you can, do some homework on the person you will be interviewing with.

The internet is a great tool to accomplish both of these tasks. Visit a potential employer’s website and read the “about us” section. Once you sit down with an interviewer, knowing all of the talking points about the company will make you stand out from the rest of the pack.

Additionally, if you already have the name of your interviewer, look them up on websites, such as LinkedIn. While this won’t give you every detail about them, it can help to ease any nervous feelings you might have.

Memorize The Job Description

Chances are the description of the job you’re interviewing for will be posted online. It’s important to memorize as many of these details as possible. If you can recite keywords and relate them to past employment experiences, you can gain a competitive edge.

Prepare Questions

If you ask an employer questions during an interview, you will appear more interested in the position. However, rather than improvising, you should come prepared with a list of inquiries. Even if you know the answers already, you want to appear engaged and eager to learn more about the organization.

Stay Positive

Acting negative during a job interview is a major red flag for an employer. If you are unhappy with your current job, don’t let it show. Complaining about your current salary, boss and coworkers can be off-putting and may hurt your chances of landing the position.

Additionally, if salary is your main concern, make sure not to bring up compensation too early in the interview process. Instead, convey your interest in the job itself, rather than the perks and frills. This will make you seem like a team player, and an interviewer will be much more impressed with your character.

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